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Dakini Acupuncture's intention is to provide comprehensive acupuncture treatment and herbal therapy to those who desire greater well-being in terms of physical, psychological and spiritual health. It is also a community resource, educating about the benefits of maintenance and preventative healthcare. Patient care is gentle and compassionate and tailored to meet an individual's current needs.



Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete system of healing that has evolved over centuries in the East and is developing a valuable position in present-day healthcare environments. Acupuncture, being one of its most integral modalities, has benefited patients for over 2,500 years. It balances a person’s qi (energy flow) through the insertion of ultra-fine needles into specific points located on the body’s meridians (energy pathways). Illness and injury are perceived as disruptions in these natural flows, which govern the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of one’s life. Acupuncture restores the balance and stimulates the body’s innate healing system, bringing relief from pain and other symptoms. In addition, herbal medicine may be utilized to facilitate the healing process.



Acupuncture utilizes the insertion of tiny needles along the body's energy pathways to restore natural balance and improve health. Research shows that acupuncture can help relieve a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. It can increase the body’s ability to release its own natural painkillers; endorphins and serotonin. A course of treatment benefits many ailments including musculoskeletal pain, migraine headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, allergies, skin conditions and asthma. Reduced stress and increased overall energy are noticeable, positive side effects of any acupuncture session.



Herbs can be an integral part of a course of treatment. While the acupuncture balances a person’s energy body, herbal formulas can be used to nourish and support the physical body and help a person maintain results in between sessions. Formulas can be custom-made to target a person’s specific constitution and present set of symptoms. Raw herbs can be prepared as a tea or administered in the form of capsules or tablets for convenience. Unlike pharmaceuticals composed of synthetic, isolated active ingredients, herbs are utilized in their whole form. It is through the absorption of this full spectrum of biochemical constituents that the body maximizes the substance’s potency and ability to bring about shifts aligned with natural metabolic processes. Their safety and efficacy has been proven by thousand of years of use by trained practitioners.



Suction created using small glass cups may be used to simulate a deep tissue massage. By oxygenating the tissue and pulling muscle off bone, cupping brings new blood and energy to an area. This helps to open the channels, relieve the muscles and release pathogenic factors. Traditional glass fire cups are used in this gentle and powerful circulating therapy.



Moxibustion is a form of therapy that involves burning a special blend of herbs close to an acupuncture point. The heat carries the healing properties of the herbs into the point to create a therapeutic effect.



Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (FRA) is a popular non-surgical technique used to reduce the signs of aging to bring a state of inner health and beauty to the surface. It is more than a cosmetic procedure and can be used to help the whole body look and feel younger.



Compassionate Care

A dakini is a Tibetan meditational deity which represents the female embodiment of spiritual energy. She is a messenger of healing and wisdom. Acupuncture is a form of healing which addresses physical and emotional illnesses by balancing the body's meridians. Meridians are channels that conduct source energy. When there are disruptions in these energy flows, the body cannot heal itself. The resulting disease and discomfort  needs to be addressed at the level of qi to restore balance on all levels. Dakini Acupuncture provides this subtle and powerful holistic medicine. All who come are treated with gentleness and compassion and supported in living a thriving and balanced lifestyle.

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  •   772 St. Andrews Blvd. Charleston, SC
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Paige’s treatments have been an enormous help in relieving my back and shoulder pain. An added benefit has been a better night’s sleep. I was a bit hesitant to have acupuncture done, as I am not fond of needles. However, Paige makes the whole process very relaxed, easy and painless. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help with their condition.

-J.R.C., Santa Monica

Paige is calm and gentle in her approach. Her intuitive healing nature is always felt in her care. I have worked with Paige on and off for several years and she has helped me align my emotional and spiritual well being. I always look forward to time shared with her.

-Eva Inglizian, Los Angeles

Dr. Hetherington treated me in the first trimester of pregnancy with my second child. I had suffered from morning sickness that went on throughout the day. My symptoms included fatigue, nausea with some vomiting, and food aversion. Dr. Hetherington’s knowledge in the use of herbs and the acupuncture treatments helped to alleviate my symptoms, allowing me to cope and feel more comfortable during a trying pregnancy.

-Kristin Robins, RN, Certified Doula

I deeply appreciate my acupuncture sessions with Paige. Her extensive background in natural health is a constant resource for me as I work through layers of stagnation caused by childhood trauma and years of poor eating habits. My PMS, general irritability, and addictive behaviors have all shown dramatic improvement with regular treatments and herbal support. She’s a keeper!

-M.R., venice

Acupuncture treatments with Paige have been helpful in reducing chronic pain from injury which did not respond to other forms of therapy. Paige is always professional, insightful and holistic in her approach. Highly recommended!

-Todd C., Charleston

Paige is a great healer and human being. The treatments she gives are intuitive and effective. Rather than just treating symptoms, she works at setting up deep energy influences which have positive and long lasting effects on both my physical complaints and emotional stress. She is lovely, kind, gentle, and wise.

- Jim Bloomfield

It has been a year since Dr. Hetherington began treating me and my symptoms. I can say that I realize I no longer live within the darkness of hopelessness about living this life of mine. Dr. Hetherinton’s innate ability to combine different healing arts and give an immediate greater sense of well-beingness is so appreciated by me as I am living each day with less restrictions and pain. I am anticipating another great year of improving health and more joy and happiness with her amazing eclectic acupuncture treatments.

-Sincerely and with great love, Kathleen Carter, Venice, CA

Dr. Paige Hetherington is phenomenal! I started acupuncture with her to help me with motivation for eating well, exercising and taking the time to take care of me. Being a mom, taking care of me was my biggest challenge. I was also concerned about my skin, aging and a few spots that were precancerous… since I have been seeing Paige, I have been working out on a regular basis, eating way different and I do feel and look a lot better than when I started. Also, 3 of the four skin patches have changed for the better, getting smaller and less. I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Paige Hetherington, she is caring, knowledgeable and uses many complimentary modalities to generate positive change in the body, mind and soul. Thank YOU Sweet Paige!

- Linda, Venice

During last season’s mid-winter surf feast I was letting myself be run down by a persistent sinus infection and my persistent compulsion to surf everyday despite my illness. At Dr. Hetherington’s recommendation…, one morning, we passed on the small surf and headed over to her office. I had never experienced acupuncture, but, with nothing to lose surf-wise, I decided to give it a try. As she mentioned during her practice, the points were truly electric. I felt tiny tensions being released in shock waves through my limbs and face. Clearly something very powerful began to happen, and, on this day and the treatment was truly “better than surfing.” I was finally able to relax the lingering aches and illness that were keeping me from my surfing and living best. I could certainly use more! Thank you for opening my eyes to a new world of healthful healing and growth.

-Adam Rumack, Santa Monica

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Acupuncturist Without Borders - Nepal

The trip to Nepal was incredible.  Our first week in Kathmandu we gave treatments in a monastery, a hospice center, a leprosy colony, a nearby village devastated by the earthquakes, and two clinics that served women and children survivors of trafficking and domestic violence. We used a special protocol designed for the treatment of trauma. It consists of five needles placed in the ear and facilitates group treatment sessions. One needle is for calming the spirit and another resets the nervous system. The last three points stimulate the kidney, liver and lung organ systems which correspond emotionally to courage, hope and letting go of grief. It was a powerful combination and very effective for the people we encountered. They were dealing with the aftereffects of losing their homes, families and temples. They reported that the treatments provided a greater sense of peace and upliftment. We used ear seeds with the children and were extremely impressed by how still and quietly they sat in meditation during the sessions.
Next we left the city and started our trek to one of the hardest hit regions. We were in northeastern Nepal, about 20 miles from the Tibetan border. The area we went to has rarely been visited by foreigners. The villagers seemed as curious about us as we were them! We were only the second medical team to visit since the quake and received the royal treatment: garlands of marigolds and a ceremony performed by a group of local shamans. I was concerned about the trek and the steep hikes but found the backdrop of the Himalays to be immensely inspiring. It was a gift to be in that part of the world, at that time, offering service to people who showed great appreciation and seemed to be left with greater hope after the treatments.
One of the most poignant parts of the experience was feeling interconnectedness. I felt it within our group of healers, most of whom did not know each other before the trip. We worked respectfully and harmoniously with each other despite sometimes chaotic and less than ideal circumstances. I also felt it with the Nepali people. We could not communicate verbally yet so much transpired between us via the treatments and the healing space we created.  It was also evident that the Nepali's kinship played a huge role in their resilience to this tragedy. Witnessing their experience and offering assistance gave me great insight into the universal Buddhist principles of suffering and compassion.
To insure this work continues, Diana Fried, the founder of AWB offered a training to local volunteers while we were there. It is imperative the clinics continue to provide peace and trauma relief as the Nepalis face the challenges ahead.
I've posted photos on my Facebook page. Please check them out as they tell the story better than words. There is also a short video you can watch on AWB Nepal here: AWB Video
If you would like to contribute to AWB's ongoing efforts, please follow this link: Donate

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions does acupuncture treat?

The following conditions are commonly recognized as being treatable with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture:

Musculoskeletal: Arthritis, Back and Neck Pain, Muscle Injuries, Tendinitis
Emotional/Stress-Related: Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders
Skin conditions: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes
Neurological: Headaches, Migraines, Dizziness, Bell’s Palsy, Neuropathy
Women's Health: PMS, Pain, Irregular Periods, Amenorrhea, Menopause, Infertility
Digestive: Constipation, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Abdominal Pain, IBS, Colitis, GERD
Respiratory: Asthma, Bronchitis, Common cold, Sore throat, Sinusitis
Cardiovascular: Hypertension, Palpitations, Angina, Poor Circulation
Detoxification: Substance Withdrawal, Surgery Recovery
Urogenital: UTI, Urinary Difficulty, Sexual Dysfunction
Facial Rejuvenation: Cosmetic purposes, Facial Paralysis

How long does a treatment take?

A typical treatment takes about an hour. The acupuncturist will do a brief intake of your present symptoms and will determine a treatment plan accordingly. The initial visit may take a little longer, closer to one and a half hours from start to finish.

How many treatments will I need?

Most cases require between five and fifteen sessions depending on the severity and chronicity of the problem. Initially, treatments may be closer together and then more spaced out for maintenance of beneficial  results. Some people like to receive acupuncture weekly to continue improving their health, reducing stress, and preventing future health issues.

How do I prepare?

It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing, however if this is not possible, a gown/drape is provided. It is also advised to eat within one half to two hours before a session and not come with an empty stomach.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very thin, about the thickness of a human hair. Patients tend to feel little to no discomfort upon insertion of the needles. When a person's energy arrives at the acupuncture point, a slight distension or swelling maybe felt. Needles are usually left in for 15-30 minutes where most people feel very relaxed and comfortable.

What can I do after a treatment?

It is important to drink plenty of water and give yourself time to let the benefits "sink in”.  It is best to avoid the use of ice or extreme heat such as a hot bath or sauna.

Are home visits possible?

Yes, treatment is conveniently performed in the privacy and comfort of your home, office or hotel. Home visits are also available for those who are severely debilitated and unable to come to the acupuncture office. Please call (310) 428-4642 for more information.